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Sedona Sacred Retreats

With Dennis and Laura Harness

                        Sedona Retreats

Relax, Renew, Heal, Clarify,
Be Inspired

We welcome you to Sedona, Arizona for a transformative experience! Sedona has gained a world-wide reputation as a global power place with stunningly beautiful scenery. We’ve been blessed to live on this powerful land for 18 years and together we bring you our expertise in sacred travel, astrology, depth psychology and the healing arts to provide you with an insider’s guide to spiritual Sedona.  In conjunction with inspiring meditation hikes in Sedona’s red rock cathedrals, we offer transformative sessions to support your inner journey

  • Vedic Astrology, Partnership Compatibility, Astro*Carto*Graphy,Sedona Sacred Retreats  Tutoring Intensives
  •  Meditation Tours of Sedona’s Power Spots and Ceremonies in the Red Rocks
  •  Emotional Healing, Shamanic Journey and Soul Recovery
  • Jungian Depth Psychology, Dream work, Sand Tray Therapy
  • Couples or Family Retreats to heal the past and learn new skills that take your relationships to the next level.
  • Group Retreats, workshops and conferences designed to meet your group’s needs.

In addition, we can arrange for massage therapy and bodywork with highly skilled and experienced  therapists, including Ayurveda, Thai massage, hot stones, and holistic energy balancing massage.

Sedona Sacred RetreatsChoose a theme from below or combine sessions to create a retreat that focuses on your needs and interests. All sessions and land experiences are personally facilitated by either or both Dennis and Laura Harness with the exception of massage and bodywork.

Vedic Wisdom and Healing- Vedic Astrology sessions, yoga, Ayurvedic consultation and treatments (can include Pancha karma), hikes to local power spots including Ganesha rock and Shiva-Shakti sites, kirtan, mantra and meditation.

Relax and Renew- This retreat is a relaxing experience that focuses on restoring inner peace and well being. Receive nurturing massages along with emotional clearing and re-balancing sessions to unwind the layers of stress. Enjoy peaceful hikes in nature and guided meditations in the red rocks. 

Sedona Dreamtime Mythic Journey- Our souls speak to us through symbol and metaphor, image and dream --  the mytho-poetic imagination. Visit Sedona’s sacred sites connected with the myths of the native Yavapai Apache people of this land. Connect to the Sacred landscape and the mythic cycles of creation, purification, and rebirth. This customized retreat may include dream work, astrology, Tarot, Jungian sand tray, medicine wheel ceremony and shamanic journey.

Creative Catalyst Retreat- Re-discover your creative spirit! Break away from the routines of everyday life, energize and awaken your inner muse. Sedona’s beauty is the inspiration for a community of gifted artisans, writers and musicians. Bring your journal, art supplies, musical instrument, creative writing projects or just the desire to discover and explore your creative self.  Personalized sessions focus on releasing creative blocks, seeding the creative imagination and connecting an on-going source of inspiration.

Sedona Healing Journey- Focus on deep inner healing through transformative sessions and meditations at vortex sites. This retreat helps to release layers of blockage and past wounds so you can heal and re-pattern on a deep level, making breakthroughs that often can take years of traditional therapy.

Discovering Your Life Purpose Retreat- Are you wanting to bring more meaning and purpose into your life? Are you at a cross roads in your career or feel unfulfilled in your current life situation? This retreat will help to reveal your divine blue print and soul’s path of destiny. Through Vedic Astrology, vision questing and guided inner journeys you’ll receive clarity and direction. Sedona was traditionally known as a pilgrimage place and vision quest site for the native people of the region and is a powerful place to renew your life’s vision.

Couples Retreat- This retreat will enhance a greater emotional and spiritual connection with each other. Empower yourself and your partner with tools to create a relationship full of love, appreciation, respect, and passion. Each retreat is customized specifically for the couple and can include: healing emotional wounds from the past and learning how to truly forgive, learning specific techniques that will help you communicate better, gaining clarity about what you really want and need from your relationship so you can co-create the life of your dreams.

Small Group Retreats- Bring your group, family, colleagues or friends together for a truly memorable experience in Sedona. Dennis and Laura help you design a customized group experience that brings you the best Sedona has to offer along with their expertise in group facilitation, teaching, and guided land experiences in the most beautiful, private and powerful locations.

Whatever your needs and visions are for your Sedona experience, we’d love to collaborate with you to create an inspiring and memorable retreat which aligns with your intention, budget and schedule. You’ll have the flexibility to choose your dates, length of stay and lodging as we guide you step by step with insider’s recommendations while providing resources which prepare you for your inner journey before you arrive.

A sacred retreat offers distance from your everyday life and peaceful time for inner reflection, growth, creative inspiration and spiritual renewal. We invite you to Sedona to reconnect to your soul’s deepest longings and discover the magic of spiritual travel as both an inner and outer journey. We hope to see you in Sedona soon!

Dennis and Laura Harness

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Sedona Sacred Retreats... Stupa

"Go to where divinity is to quicken the divinity within yourself” Jean Shinoda Bolen
Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona, AZ

Sedona Sacred Retreats

"Journeying is the best condition for loving.” Karl Kereyni


“Having a personal spiritual retreat tailored to specific issues was amazing. Every experience was meaningful because each day fit together with the next. I feel very appreciative of experiencing the sunset songs, and drumming to the four corners. The releasing of obstacles into the flowing water on the first day established a grounding into the “place” that is Sedona.  Being at the peace park with the stupa and the White Tara, walking the medicine wheel, connecting with all the prayers and heartfelt intentions was deeply moving. The intellectual “male energy” of Dennis’ reading and tarot update has allowed me to better understand the archetypes of my life’s journey. Laura’s alchemical dream analysis and healing with sound are truly unique and indescribable experiences. Going upcountry to the birthing cave location, experiencing that ritual with all the magical connections from the sand tray and the visualization, and then seeing the sacred Kachina woman formation was very special.  A personal spiritual retreat with Dennis and Laura Harness will allow you to safely journey in the magic that is Sedona, discover new meaning and purpose, and arrive home refreshed and inspired!” Carol, Berkeley, CA

“Dennis, in your Vedic Astrology session you strongly encouraged my daughter to follow her passion of photography and get the business of selling her work going.  Laura, you encouraged me to step out and begin my work that I was sent here to do. You helped me clear out a lot of things I needed to heal in order to proceed further.  Well, we took your advice to heart and are happy to report we have a website up and running!  We thought you would be interested in knowing how much you have influenced our lives. We really appreciate both of you and thank-you for taking the time to help us move on with our lives.” Debra and Sarah, Chesapeake, VA

“Ahhhh the Sedona Afterglow. Coming to Sedona last week was a life changing experience for me. I have a smile from ear to ear + I am "Just Happy"... It's such an amazing relaxing feeling + I can honestly say that "I get it". You are such a kind, caring, loving, non judgmental person who made me feel so safe + comfortable. You are so easy to talk to and I'd love nothing more than to keep in touch with you from time to time. See you next year!!!”  Michelle, Lawrenceville, NJ

“Laura - Thank you so much for your time and talents.  I think our session together was one of the most healing sessions I’ve had in terms of my mother/daughter experiences.  You are a very talented therapist. I really enjoyed working with you.” Anne, Sahuartito, AZ
“I wanted to thank you again for sharing your gifts, as you guided me through a profound journey.”  Penny, Oregon

Dennis Harness, PhDDennis M. Harness, Ph.D. is a professional Vedic astrologer, lecturer and author who received his doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. In addition to Vedic Astrology natal chart consultations, relationship compatibility and Astro*Carto*Graphy, he trains and tutors students and is a founding member and former president of ACVA, the American College of Vedic Astrology. Dennis has been leading sacred journeys for over 10 years to exotic locations such as  India, Greece, and Egypt with Ancient Oracle Tours. He has researched and lectured on cross-cultural mythology, archetypes and symbolism and integrates transpersonal psychology with astrology into his holistic counseling practice with individuals and couples at Temenos Healing Arts Center.

Sedona Sacred RetreatsLaura S. Harness, MA, MT-BC has a Masters degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA and is a Board Certified Music Therapist. Laura has specialized training in Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanic healing practices, Couples Therapy, Jungian Dream Work and Sandplay Therapy. She is co-director of Temenos Healing Arts Center. Laura is also a singer-songwriter, poet, and kirtan leader.