Astrological Services

Natal Chart Analysis – $295.00

This one hour consultation provides a comprehensive interpretation of your Vedic horoscope. This reading reflects your karmic patterns of destiny regarding right livelihood, relationships, personal strengths as well as areas that may be problematic. Important future trends and events are revealed through this ancient predictive system. The use of gem stones and other remedial measures for healing planetary challenges will also be explored.

Natal Chart Analysis Update – One Hour $195.00

Natal Chart Analysis Update – 1/2 Hour $125.00


Relationship Compatibility – $345.00

This ninety minute session focuses on relationship dynamics within a personal or business relationship. The Vedic system of chart comparison has been utilized for thousands of years for marriage compatibility. Western astrological techniques of synastry are also utilized in gaining a deeper understanding of the alchemy of any relationship.


Astro*Carto*Graphy 195.00

This one hour consultation explores your personal geographic power zones on earth. Astrocartography can help reveal the best places to experience spiritual growth, career success, domestic harmony and improved health. Dr. Harness is certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy consulting.


Three One Hour Sessions 495.00

Three One Sessions Package.